Tuesday, September 21, 2010

EMPOWERING AT-RISK YOUTH in Inner-city Chicago


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Being a product of Chicago's public schools, it saddens me to see how
gang violence and the drug trade is taking so many young lives in my hometown. With so many kids victimized by the violence and the hopelessness, I have been eager to find a way to make a difference on behalf of Cause & Affect.

John Dudley is one of the "local heroes" I recently discussed in my interview on the "Capture Your Flag" program. As a social studies teacher at Collins High School in Chicago's rough-and-tumble Lawndale neighborhood, Mr. Dudley started the "Warriors With a Future" boys club. Now in their second year of operation, this group of at-risk youths have been engaging in service projects, tutorial programs and even traveled to New Orleans to help rebuild houses destroyed by Katrina flooding. Bravo!

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Before the school year let out last June, I spoke to the Warriors
about my philanthropy projects around the world. The boys were fascinated by the videos and stories; in fact, they took such an interest in the work, that they expressed a deep desire to engage in a similar project. We discussed the problems facing their community and decided to devote our attention to Pacific Garden Mission, a local homeless shelter. The boys designed the project: they called the shelter, set up our visits and explained our objectives. We met with the director in person to assess their immediate needs. When we were told about the budget shortfall and need for food supplies, we jumped into action and returned to order $1,000 worth of needed food. A few days later, the Warriors came in to volunteer. They helped make the food, set the tables and serve the food to the homeless people.

Once you watch THE VIDEO, you will see what a formative experience this was for the boys.
"I just wanted to show we care."
"It made me feel good about myself."

The homeless shelter and their hundreds of recipients benefited from our involvement, and the "Warriors with a Future" have been enriched beyond words. Overall, this domestic project was a huge success for Cause & Affect and everyone involved. Thanks for your support. Please help support projects like this by donating here.

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  1. So I always find the stories of Philanthropist of great interest. It is often disappointing to see that so many only help outside of the USA. I am so glad to see that along with work outside of the USA that you are helping and encouraging others to help Here! With all of the people we have that go without here in the USA they so often seem to be looked over. I am sure that Pacific Garden Mission is very appreciative.