Sunday, September 13, 2015

One Birthday = A Lasting Impact!

In an effort to show his middle-school students the positive change they can create by "donating" their birthday to charity, Cause & Affect founder Adam Carter is asking friends and donors to make tax-deductible birthday contributions to C&A on behalf of his birthday. Simply click here to make a donation with credit card or Paypal to support our current projects, such as our latest projects helping impoverished elderly sisters in Ethiopia, Syrian refugees in Turkey and Parkinson's patients in Ethiopia.

As part of the Connect class he has helped design and teach, Adam and his students engage in a variety of service learning projects to assist their local community of Alexandria, Egypt - and beyond! Last year they did a "Week Without Walls" service learning trip to Aswan in southern Egypt and also distributed blankets and spare clothes (see video here) to an impoverished neighborhood in Alexandria.

Adam's students are currently raising funds to send 230 local impoverished students to school, as their families would not be able to afford the $15 needed to purchase the necessary school supplies and school uniforms. Hard to believe, but it's true. Your donation will help show how much good these students - and hopefully others - can accomplish by sacrificing some birthday presents, instead asking for donations to charity on their behalf.

Please make your birthday donation here and spread the word. If you would like to donate YOUR birthday, please contact us so we can help. Thanks for your help.

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