Monday, February 9, 2015

Connecting with Egyptian Students to Help the Poor of Egypt

As part of our new initiative to inspire a new generation of micro-philanthropists, Cause & Affect partnered with students from Schutz American School in Alexandria, Egypt -- where C&A Founder Adam Carter is currently teaching middle school social studies -- to launch their latest project to provide blankets to the urban poor of Alexandria.

To carry out this "Blanket Distribution Project," students:
1) Researched poverty in Egypt;
2) Created their own posters to raise awareness;
3) Raised funds to provide blankets to impoverished residents;
4) Traveled to the Ras es-Soda community to distribute the blankets and smiles

Working with a wonderful local company called Transformational Textiles that produces blankets from fabric scraps, students raised enough money to purchase 350 blankets ($7 each). Cause & Affect Foundation chipped in $350 to reach our $2,800 goal because a Canadian donor agreed to match our funds. So in total, this initiative provided 800 blankets to help our recipients - many of which live in homes without roofs - get through a cold winter. 

Students then went to Ras es-Soda to deliver the blankets to the people in need. As you can see from the video, we also provided the $55 an elderly man in the community needed to purchase medicine to treat his Hepatitis C. The students had an amazing experience seeing how they were able to make such a profound difference in peoples' lives. This successful project is a model for how service learning can lead to positive change and global citizenship at the same time.

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