Friday, April 16, 2010

Brazilian Capoeira as a Tool to Aid Childrens Development

Cause & Affect recognizes the importance of promoting art, music and sports as a way to improve the social and physical development of children around the world.
Here in Brazil, capoeira represents the perfect mix between all three!

Originally brought by the African slaves to Brazil, capoeira was once prohibited by colonial slave-owners uncomfortable with the sight of their slaves "preparing for battle." As a result, the slaves adapted the art form, setting it to music and trading elements of fighting for dance. Today, capoeira is recognized as one of Brazil's most important cultural traditions; since people of all ages, genders and ages participate together, it's an important means to foster childrens social development.
On the northeastern coast of Brazil in Pipa, Rio Grande de Sul, a wonderfully-run community project uses capoeira instruction as a way to keep local kids off the street,
while training them in this martial art/dance that has become such an integral part of Brazilian culture. C&A assessed their needs and jumped into action! As the video shows, the instructor, director and kids were in need of mirrors to help refine their technique and improve their practice.
Cause & Affect contracted a company to install them and just a few days later, the capoeira studio at Projeto Das Criancas (Children's Project) was complete!
As the professor told me, "Capoeira is much more than a sport; it provides much-needed discipline for these kids, many of whom come from broken families." Seeing the smiles on the kids' faces and watching them display their skills with pride, it is obvious that
this $915 will go a long way towards helping these 40+ kids achieve a positive self-image, while exercising in a wholesome, culturally-enriching activity.
Your donations make a difference - you can aid the cause by clicking here.

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